Baby Eurasian collared dove (Streptopelia decaocto) fell from his nest and landed in my garden. I have named him Salman Khan, the reason for which I will explain later in the post. He was scared because there are crows, Black Kites, cats and other predators in the neighbourhood.

I put him in a cage for the night. After a while, I could see that he felt secure. He ate a little and slept.

Early in the morning, I saw mother Dove hovering around the cage. I opened the cage an sat down at a distance. Salman flew off to my balcony, mother Dove followed him.

Mother Dove looked very pretty and graceful.

Mother Dove kissed little Salman and fed him.

And now I will tell you the reason why I named this young cheeky fellow, Salman Khan. The moment he left my balcony, he landed on the high voltage electrical wire. Living on the edge came naturally to him. Also, he became independent and left my house the day superstar Salman Khan was released from Jodhpur Jail.

The pictures in this story are not very nice because I gave the little bird the privacy he deserved.







3 responses to “A Dove Named, Salman Khan”

  1. Prasu Jain Avatar

    Haha. This is such a cute story.
    (Ma’am, Is there any procedure to visit your garden?)

    1. prernasphotographs Avatar

      Thanks. There is a procedure but the birds that visit my garden are very independent and don’t follow instructions. They visit when they want to and leave at the time of their own choice. Some days so many of them come and on other days I can only see house pigeons. This is not the best season for bird watching, a month ago was the right time.

      1. Prasu Jain Avatar

        Thanks for, this kind reply. I’ve immense love for birds especially sparrow.
        In my hometown, I’ve never used an alarm clock there are still hundreds of sparrows who wakes me up.

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