I am a photographer based in New Delhi. My photographs cover everything we tend to encounter in our daily lives: nature, wildlife, people, buildings, monuments, streets, and so on. I especially enjoy drawing attention to the multitude of living beings we all share our space with, often without acknowledging or perhaps even being aware of their existence.

I have been involved with various art forms for decades, including drawing, painting and sculpting, which has enriched my perspective and skill as a photographer. I have exhibited my work at a number of solo exhibitions as well as jointly with other photographers over the last few years. My photographs have been published in various newspapers, magazines and websites in India as well as internationally.

All images on this site are available for sale as fine prints in various sizes, with or without framing. For pricing information contact at prernajain02@gmail.com

19 replies to “About

  1. Nice perspective of beauty…with some breathtaking results. Esp liked the ‘white-flower’ πŸ™‚
    Liked the glavatar too πŸ™‚

  2. Nice perspective of beauty…with some breathtaking results. Esp liked the ‘white-flower’!
    Liked the glavatar too πŸ™‚

  3. Stunning work ….. absolutely beautiful ….. to depict our world and the beauty that surrounds us, and yet what we either cannot, or dont have the time to see, in such minute detail is a gift to all those that are given the opportunity to see the world through your eyes … through your photographs ….. a delicate touch of tranquility and charm. You should publish a book ….. are you in the magazines …. national geographic …. horticultural magazines …… ? ….. etc etc etc … how about an exhibition where you project your photographs on layers of glass, foreground, midde ground, and background … kinda like a three dimensional holographic projection … then as the observer moves around the instalation we see different views moving, shifting in parralax ….. or maybe projections, reflections on glass and water … sometimes the water moving, sometimes still ….. anyhows … he he ….. go mainstream and think big … truly beautiful images.

  4. do some timelapse macro lense work where a flower starts as a bud, opens, and life falls from its grasp …… project it on glass as a video for an exhibition ……. sell the time lapse sequences to oxford scientific ….. or get it in film and tv commercials …… or spiders spinning a web … set the camera up on a tripod taking pictures as a sequence as the spider spins is web …. maybe it rains in the footage … maybe its always sunny …. maybe the sun sets to be replaced by the moon, the spiders work continues at night till the break of the new day and the rising of a new sun … new life ….. time … detail … growth ….

  5. hmmmmm … or how about doing matrix style 360 degrees around a flower …. taking 360 photos, offsetting the camera 1 degree each picture around the object of interests centrifugal centre …. and ending up with a loopable 360 dgree view of the subject on video? fasinating visualisation ….

  6. taking an oblect of interest that was a still image into a 3 dimensional enviroment …. know its not easy with a macro lense and an extremely minute depth of field, but hey ….. interesting dont you think?!?!?!?

  7. actualy …. thinking about the360 thing …… leave the camera static and put the subject on a turntable that you can rotate one dgree each time …. he he he …. easier to control … πŸ˜‰

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