A scene from an epic fight between a Rufous Treepie and Mother Yellow Footed Green Pigeon. Mother Pigeon was successful in saving her eggs.
Mother monkey pampering her little baby.

Red Vented Bulbul feeding her baby.

Purple Heron with babies.

Peahen with babies.

Our mothers nurture us and so do the mothers of the animal kingdom. Animal mothers are committed to the safety and health of their babies until they reach independence. I have witnessed some heartwarming beautiful scenes of mothers with their babies in my journey as a nature photographer.

3 responses to “Nature’s Marvellous Mothers”

  1. Nidhi jain Avatar
    Nidhi jain

    Beautiful pics

  2. Sunita nijhawan Avatar
    Sunita nijhawan

    Amazing and brilliantly photographed pics

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