In wedding ceremonies in the Indian Subcontinent, the Mehndi(Henna) ceremony is a fun-filled ceremony, organised by the bride’s and the groom’s families. Beautiful patterns are adorned on the palms and feet of the bride and on the groom’s palms.

Dried henna leaves(Lawsonia inermis, plant) are mashed into a paste. This paste is then applied to the palms and the feet. A few decades ago the paste was applied with the help of the plain side of a matchstick. These days a plastic cone is usually used to apply the Henna paste. A light orangish colour can be achieved within minutes, but to achieve a dark colour the paste has to be left on the skin for a longer time. The dried paste is often dabbed with a sugar/lemon mix to get a dark colour. After some time the dry paste is scraped away.

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