Chandelier inside the Grand Mosque
The Grand Mosque
Grand Mosque
Omani Caps
Muttrah Souk

Despite being bordered by  volatile countries like Saudi Arabia and Yemen and sharing  marine borders with Iran and Pakistan, Oman is a peaceful country. It was my first visit yet I felt safe roaming in the city of Muscat, all by myself. Oman is an absolute monarchy in which all powers rest in the hands of the hereditary Sultan yet people in general seemed to be happy and satisfied with their ruler. Burqa clad Omani women could be seen all over Muscat, driving cars, clicking pictures and shopping in the Muttrah Souk. I was told that there were women cabinet ministers, ambassadors and bureaucrats in the govt of Oman. Shias, Sunnis and Ibadhi Muslims live peacefully in Oman, I was told. There were policemen on the roads but just enough to make you feel safe.

Oman has mountains, desert and sea, beautiful landscapes. Touristic infrastructure like roads, hotels and resorts are really good, airport needs improvement though. Taxis are easily available and taxi drivers are well behaved and speak good English.

3 responses to “Beautiful Oman”

  1. Sunil jain Avatar
    Sunil jain

    Muscat is looking great. Muttrah looks so different now. Did you go to Ruwi, Azaiba?
    Airport was built 40 years back was brand new at that time, of course will be aged now

    1. prernasphotographs Avatar

      According to locals, in the last 46 years, amazing changes have taken place in Oman, since Sultan Qaboos too over the reins.

      1. Sunil jain Avatar
        Sunil jain

        Sultan Qaboos was a young man and became king recently when I lived at Muscat about 40 years back. He was very much admired by all

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